About Your Hosts

About Your Hosts

Many years ago, a young married couple looked for a unique place to go on a honeymoon. Hopelessly in love, ignoring their opposite personalities, one sensible and measured, the other bold, loud and reckless, they lusted after a quiet place to get away from it all, yet one filled with adventure. One looked for the beauty and the tranquillity of the land, the other for the never-ending openness and adventure of the sea.

The life-loving pair searched far and wide, finally settling on a place with amazing food, always blooming flowers and a chance to see whales in their own natural habitat. Mostly it was about the whales that sold this island paradise to them, as they travelled to a distant place few people had heard of, the Azores.

Returning to the Azores to start our new life

12 years later they returned, with a new idea, of filling other people’s imaginations and dreams, just as their own had been all those years ago. Leaving the city of Hong Kong behind, they brought with them their collection of 5 rescue dogs and 300 bottles of gin.

They searched high and low for a house, until they arrived at a small village just outside the main town. At the top of a hill, overlooking the farmland and onwards to the ocean, they saw a large white house looming over the pristine landscape. Walking up and looking around they were reminded of their feelings of space, peace and fresh air. The house spoke to them and a name picked, Solar Branco. Portuguese for “a large white country house.”

Now aiming to be your favourite neighbourhood hosting couple, and the life and soul of your stay in the Azores. Breathe in the clear air as you walk through the citrus-inspired garden, look around and take in the view, hideout, forage, think in peace. Enjoy this beautiful home, built over 100 years ago, sleep in the big, dreamy beds and enjoy a G&T with freshly picked herbs in the library. Put your phone down, laugh out loud and enjoy life with those around you. Paint a tile, place it on the wall of memories, and return one day to the Azores.

About the Furry Little Liars – Our Dogs

We adopted 5 dogs in Hong Kong, and we brought them with us to the Azores. They live on the property and are extremely friendly and social with humans of all ages.

If you meet them on the ground of the property, you may get the impression they are starved of both food and hugs. You may choose to believe the Furry Little Liars and give them a bounty in food, treats or hugs but be under no illusions as to their intentions or the truth!

We also have a furry employee of the month. You can follow who is awarded each month here or by following us on Facebook or Instagram.

Introducing, Padstow, leader of the pack (well in his mind…) He is head of snacks, BBQ’s, in fact, anything food related he will investigate and try to eat. Illegal ham sandwiches will be taken away from you and will not be returned. Too naughty to ever be employee of the month.

Number 2 (the boss of the house) Ivy, who is frequently employee of the month.

This is Mini. Fashionista, she is aloof to most humans. It’s not you, it’s her. If she comes up to you, then you are a rare chosen one. Has never been an employee of the month. Doesn’t care.

Penny is head of customer service and complaints. Not that we ever get complaints, but you can try. Get past her and you qualify for a free G&T. Occasionally is employee of the month, mostly by accident.

And finally, our most recent addition, Una. Her duties include stealing sandwiches from tables, collecting pineapple roots from the field and collecting plastic bottles discarded on the beach. Often wins employee of the month and is very happy when she does.