About Your Hosts

About Your Hosts

Welcome to the Azores. Welcome to our Home.

About the Azores:

The Azores contain two of Portugal’s 15 Unesco World Heritage sites – the vineyards of Pico and the old town of Angra do Heroismo on Terceira – and three biospheres (Graciosa, Flores and Corvo.) The regional government has bolstered this with an award-winning network of natural parks and marine reserves to safeguard the unspoiled environment.

In the last couple of years, several airlines have opened more frequent routes to the Azores, making the islands more accessible than ever before. Meaning the Azores is no longer a far-flung destination, it mixes this newfound influx of visitors with a commitment to be a world-leading example of sustainable tourism.

About your hosts, Ali & Caz (Mr & Mrs B)

Many years ago, a young married couple looked for a unique place to go on a honeymoon. Hopelessly in love, ignoring their opposite personalities, one sensible and measured, the other bold, loud and reckless, they lusted after a quiet place to get away from it all, yet one filled with adventure. One looked for the beauty and the tranquillity of the land, the other for the never-ending openness and adventure of the sea.

The life-loving pair searched far and wide, finally settling on a place with amazing food, always blooming flowers and a chance to see whales in their own natural habitat. Mostly it was about the whales that sold this island paradise to them, as they travelled to a distant place few people had heard of,  the Azores.

Returning to the Azores to start our new life

14 years later they returned, with a new idea, one to fill other people’s imaginations and dreams, just as their own had been all those years ago. Leaving the city of Hong Kong behind, bringing with them their collection of 5 rescue dogs and 300 bottles of gin.

They searched high and low for a house, until they arrived at a small village just outside the town center. At the top of a hill, overlooking the farmland and onwards to the ocean, they saw a large white house looming over the pristine landscape. Walking up and looking around they were reminded of their feelings of space, peace and fresh air. The house spoke to them and a name picked, Solar Branco. Portuguese for “a large white colonial house.”

Aiming to be your’s favourite neighbourhood hosting couple, the life and soul of your stay in the Azores. You are welcome to take five minutes out in the citrus-inspired garden, look around and take in the view, hideout, forage, think in peace. Enjoy this beautiful home, built over 100 years ago, sleep in the big, dreamy beds and enjoy a G&T with freshly picked herbs in the library. Put your phone down, laugh out loud, breathe in the fresh Atlantic air and enjoy life with those around you. Paint a tile, place it on the wall of memories, and return one day to the Azores. 

It is beautiful here and we look forward to welcoming you to the Azores.

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