Historical Citrus Walking Tour of Ponta Delgada (with Una)

Historical Citrus Walking Tour of Ponta Delgada (with Una)

Price Guests: €5 (per person)
Price Non-guests: €10 (per person)
Meet: Central Ponta Delgada

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Hosted by: Ali & Una

You should allow approximately 1.5 hours for the tour.

Join Ali & Una (rescue dog pictured here) as we walk around the beautiful harbour and old town of Ponta Delgada. We start the tour at the very heart of the city. From here we will walk along the waterfront, exploring some of the sights and boats, looking back at the history of this area and its significance to The Azores and beyond.

From here the walk takes you through the city centre, pointing out some key restaurants and bars as we make our way to the park, Jardim António Borges where a number of plants and flowers can be found.

We will then visit  Mercado da Graça or Grace’s Market as well as Ermida da Mãe de Deus / Hermitage of the Mother of God which has views across the city.

Our walk will end back at the Portas da Cidade (City Gates) where we will sit down and enjoy a coffee or G&T* (all this knowledge and walking is thirsty stuff.) Una will get a well deserved bowl of water and even a dog biscuit if you think she did well.

Why / how did you come up with this tour
Una is a border collie who incredible intelligent and active. If she is not out and about she is generally causing mischief or annoying one of our other rescue dogs.

With this in mind, I started to take Una out with me as I would run errands around town. One afternoon I met two ladies who were on holiday, as we got chatting they joined me as I took Una around the old town. I dropped them off at one of my favourite restaurants and promised to send them some more suggestions of what to do/see.

The next day, one of the ladies emailed me back and said how much they loved the walk with Una, and that they would have loved to do a tour with her. And that is where this idea came from.

* Please note the G&T is not included in the tour price.