The Gin library

The Gin library

Welcome to the Gin Library. Guests can access one of the biggest Gin collections in Europe, with 300 and counting.

Is it a library, a bar, a museum? It has gin so who cares. This is a gin lovers paradise and there is nowhere better come, whether it be a rainy day or a chance to sit back and watch the sunset.

The library features  gins collected from all over the world, from the UK, Germany and France all the way to places such as South Africa and Australia.. There are gins from our favourite producers, to a few surprises from places that you would not expect, such as Iron Balls from Bangkok in Thailand.

A gin making class coming soon.

Both Mrs B and I have been gin lovers for many years… I won’t say how many, but quite a few. And with that, we’ve learned a thing or two about the humble G&T. It’s fair to say we’re very passionate about gin in all of its intriguing dimensions. From its past, with its rich and sometimes dark history, to the present, with the amazing array of botanicals being used to create fantastic small batch and artisan gin and its future – which looks very interesting indeed as production gets more and more bespoke and complex. But who cares about all that, it’s time to drink some gin. Cheers.

As our guest, you are entitled to a complimentary G&T (from 6 – 8 in the gin Library) during your stay. There is plenty of gin to go round, and we promise you can always order “one more.”

We also offer 2 distinctive experiences: The first is a gin tasting focusing on Gins From The Azores & Portugal. Here we taste our way through some locally made gins as well as gins from the mainland. A chance to try something that you would probably not come across at home.

The second tasting opportunity is what we call Around the World in 8 Gins.” Inspired by the Jules Verne novel, “Around the world in 80 days.” We aim to bring you the very best gins from the UK (home of gin) to some newcomers as well as places you would not expect. Each one has a unique flavour and garnishes to accompany it. Both gin tastings are €30 per person or if you bring a craft gin we don’t have in our collection then you get to enjoy the tasting course for free (covering max 2 people.) To book a gin tasting please click here.

And the Gin Library is the perfect place to perfect your tux wearing anti-hero Humphrey Bogart and the eternal line, “of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine – Rick Blaine, Casablanca.” And of course, the line actually spoken by Ingrid Bergman, “play it once Sam, for old times sake…” 

Please note, The Gin Library is exclusively for the guests of Solar Branco 1885 only unless hired for a private gin tasting event. No children are allowed into the library.  To qualify for a complimentary tasting the gin must be a craft gin, unopened and left in the collection when you leave (nice try if you were thinking about starting before it gets to the Azores.) 


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