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Craziest questions asked about the Azores

Craziest questions asked about the Azores

So I know the Azores are new to some people as a tourist destination so there will be questions. I thought this would be a fun article to write up with some of the weirder / craziest questions I have been asked. These are all real questions (yes, all real either from forums or emailed to me by people asking for advice on the Azores.) If you have any of your own please email me and I’ll add them in!

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“Which countries in Caribbean and Azores, canaries are guns ok?” Link
Answer: The Azores is like the real-life Waking Dead. Portuguese people are one bite away from being zombies. Bring guns! Lots of guns.

Hi. I’m interested in the whale watching. What time do the whales normally show up? (emailed)
Answer: WTF?!

Please advise if we should bring Euros from US or get at banks, ATM’s at Sao Miguel? Link
Answer: We don’t use cash here in the Azores. All food items are exchanged using stones, rice and beans.

What type of Food is avalible in the Azores? (messenger)
Answer: Portuges food is the mainstay on the islands
(Follow up)
Where does Portugese food come from?
Answer: Facepalm

If I want to propose to my girlfriend on the beach can you get it closed? (emailed)
Answer: Facepalm

Do you have beaches in the Azores Islands? (emailed)
Answer: (Firstly facepalm.) The Azores are land locked islands, thus have no beaches.

Will the sea be cold for our children to swim in? (emailed)
Answer: I can turn on the water heater for your children.