Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the words on a page.

The world is not such a lonely planet anymore but the very resources we promote through tourism are in danger of degradation. With such a huge rise in tourism has come an environmental cost as well as a lack of clarity around what sustainable tourism actually means.

We want to encourage a sustainable tourism community in the Azores. One that welcomes you with warm smiles, authentic local cuisine, and the wonders of the natural environment. while you will not be the only visitor to the Azores, you can ensure it is preserved and protected for future generations and guests to enjoy.

By staying at Solar Branco 1885 you are making a commitment to sustainable tourism as well as helping to raise awareness amongst guest hotels on the island as to what can be done. We aim to do more than just put words on a page and we welcome input and ideas on how we can do more to promote sustainable tourism in the Azores. Each year we will release a report on our steps and progress towards a zero impact property.

In order to develop a sustainable tourism we believe in the following, and we work to make sure Solar Branco 1885 is as environmentally aware and actioning as we can be.

The house:

  • Natural non-toxic soap for hands, dish soap, and shampoos/amenities offered to all guests
  • In the rooms, there are only natural essential oils for scent (never synthetic perfumes or diffusers or plug-in scent things)
  • We encourage water drinking straight from the tap (please don’t use plastic water bottles.)
  • A number of our furniture pieces have been up-cycled
  • Solar power for the house (this is a work in progress)
  • Our coffee, teas, and sugars are all organic and local if possible
  • A property-wide ban on plastic straws and single-use cups as well as reusable water bottles in all rooms

The rooms:

  • We use only natural non-toxic cleaning products when cleaning
  • Every room has a trash can that separates out recycling and trash

The kitchen:

  • We use glass storage containers rather than plastic
  • A compost bins
  • We provide cooking utensils, reusable cutlery, bowls and plates (again we try to limit plastic or single-use items where possible)

The gardens:

  • We strictly ban any pesticides or insecticides anywhere on the property
  • Working on building bee hives, bee hotels as well as bee-friendly flowers in our gardens
  • Focus on bee-friendly flowers and wild areas to maximise support for the ecosystem around us
  • Mulching and composting facilities (meaning chemical fertilisers are not needed)

When we started this business we built our ideas and plans around a profitable, long-term business balanced with careful environmental management. This involves:

  • Sensitivity to cultural and social dynamics of the Azores region
  • A long-term vision for improving the eco-credentials of the property
  • Marketing and communications programs to showcase the positives of sustainable tourism within the Airbnb community as well as the wider Azores tourism community
  • And most importantly, careful selection and promotion to our guests of responsible tourism providers

(Read more about committing to the UN accredited sustainable tourism program here.)