What's happening in the Azores

The Weather

The Weather

One of the top asked questions is about the weather in the Azores.

Best times to visit the Azores?
There is no best time to visit the Aores. As you can see the temperature doesn’t change that much. That said, the weather is always changeable (see how to know here and get your geek on) but as a very broad / general rule the following applies:
Jan – Mar: 13.°C – 16.°C
April – Aug: 19.°C – 25.°C
Sep – Dec: 13.°C – 15.°C

As you can see the temperature doesn’t change that much. Want more geekery and data. OK..

Here you can see the average highs and lows by month

How much / when does it rain?
It rains in the Azores. This is just something that you’ll need to deal with. The good news is that there is plenty to do indoors and even when it does rain it isn’t for very long, nor does it cover the whole island. The best advice is to kee your plans flexible and have a car so that you can drive to different places.

Most accurate weather tracking tools:
With the weather being so changeable, I tend to use the following 3 aps to track the weather. (1) Accuweather (2) Wind Guru (3) Spot Azores. The third app has webcams of different areas on the island. As one place may be sunny and you’ll find the other side of the island will be raining.

Should I come?
Yes! The weather is not something that should put you off. The Azores is not a beach type of destination for sun, sex and sangria (well not specifically.) While it does rain, it is not that bad and it passes quickly enough.

Can planes land when the weather is bad?
You will experience delays when flying here. However, how much of that is due to the Portugese air traffic controllers vs the weather I am not sure. I have heard of very few flights being cancelled due to the weather.