Rain in the Azores – Things To Do

Rain in the Azores – Things To Do

The Azores islands are a stunning, green island. Of course, all that green comes from somewhere, and that is the from the sky in the form of rain.

But just because it’s raining, that doesn’t mean you should not enjoy your holiday. So here are the best things we suggest you can do.

Number 1 suggestion, check as one part of the island may be raining, but another part could have bright sunshine. 

Sausage making class
Join Mrs B and learn how to make homemade, organic sausages. It’s easier than you think! Not only a fun experience but also a tasty one as well. Enjoy your sausages in the Azores or take them home to enjoy. Meat, vegetarian and vegan options are available.


Gin tasting
Like gin? Not sure what the difference between a Henricks and a Bombay? Not sure if you like gin or not? Well, we have you covered. With over 400 bottles on display in the Gin Library and expert curation in the world of gin, bring your thirst for knowledge and let us dive into the world of G&Ts.

Experiences on offer include an Azorian and Portuguese tasting, The Best of British and a Worldwide Gin Tasting. You will taste 6 examples and then get to enjoy 2 G&Ts mixed for you by Master of Gin Ali Bullock.

Paint a tile
Leave nothing in the Azores but footprints, memories and a tile. The Azores is an environmentally sustainable paradise in the middle of the Atlantic. Leave your memory on the wall with a tile and a handpainted message or image. Return one day to recall those memories.

Azore Bitter Brewery
Visit the local craft beer factory (closed on week-ends.) Support a small local business and enjoy some of the best beer in Portugal. The brewery has a small bar and the tour is great for a rainy day, with yes beer at the end.