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Off the beaten track & Our Top Tips

Off the beaten track & Our Top Tips

The Azores have many views and places to offer you as a visitor to the Azores. Here are some exclusive suggestions of our favourite places to eat, see and experience that you may not know about.

The farmers market (Thursdays) – Local hang out
A real locals only place, this is the weekly meet-up for the farmers of the Azores. You will find only local and organic products here, and they are much cheaper than places in town.

Items on offer include all the fresh fruit and vegetables you can want as well as a live stock area, including chickens, goats, cows and pigs. While the livestock might not be easy to get on the plane, the Azorian pineapples can be picked up here at very reasonable prices. You are welcome to book a tour here

The old spring well and bottling factory
Shut down in the late 80’s this abandoned factory is where spring water was collected for the islands bottled water. A tap connecting the spring still works and you are welcome to collect the water. It is completely safe to drink and has natural carbon as well as a slightly minerally taste.

We use this ice in our gin tastings as it is the purest water that you can find on the island.

Please note: The road down is quite steep and narrow, meaning the drive back up can be a challenge if you meet a car coming the other way. The abandoned facorty is easy enough to spot, but the natural spring is harder to find. It is strongly recommended to take a tour / driver to get to this spot.

Nordeche lighthouse and fishing village
A perfect spot located on the tip of the island to get away from the hussle and bussle of teh island. The loghthouse offers some amazing views of the ocean and the tiny fishing village is as remote as you can get.

Please note: The road down is steep and narrow (and when we say steep we mean steep!) The best option is to leave your car in the village at the top of the hill and walk down or have a guide drive you there.

O Américo de Barbosa – Best for Octopus
Located in a small town on a quiet street, you would be forgiven for thinking that this restaurant is nothing special. But looks can be deceiving, this place cooks the best octopus on the island. The restaurant can be found on Google Maps here.

The Pond Brasserie / Bar
This is a locals bar in Vila Franca do Campo that you won’t find on the tourist trail. Head in, grab a couple of beers and sit outside on the steps of the church and watch the world go by – Google Maps