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If I can create a garden in Hong Kong, imagine what I can do in the Azores.

(Inert Azores garden photo here)

As we walked round the gardens of the property I told Mrs B about my ideas for the garden. Fortunate enough to grow up in the UK where my mother taught me all about plants and the beauty of growing your own vegatables. Summers spent in Jersey as well as Italy working with farmers on their grounds (well more drinking and eating if I am honest.)

(Insert HK garden photo in here)

We both knew walking around the gardens that this would be the place we wanted to be. Fresh air, peace, beautiful rolling hills and land that seems anything can grow in, we fell in love with this place on the spot.

(Insert Azores garden in here)

As our guests you are welcome to enjoy the gardens as you wish as well as take herbs, fruits and vegatables from the garden to eat. All our G&Ts use fruits from the garden.

(Instert garden / fruit tree in here)

We hope you enjoy your time in the gasrden as much as enjoy working on it.