What's happening in the Azores

The Azores. It’s beautiful here

The Azores. It’s beautiful here

Welcome to paradise. I know, I know. There are many beautiful places in the world. Your Instagram feed is full of travel photos to feed your travel wanderlust. But stay with me here, the Azores is something special. This is an undiscovered gem right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. And what a place it is, only 5 hours from New York or Boston, 4 hours from the UK and just under 2 from Lisbon. And that makes this place a hard location to beat.

Caz and I came here in 2006 on our honeymoon, at the time we didn’t know what to expect from the Azores. This was a place known to very few people outside of Portugal. 5 years later that slowly started to change, and in 2018 Delta started flying daily direct flights from NYC as well as this article on Conde Naste Traveller. The Azores was officially on everyone’s travel bucket list.

And while the Azores is getting a lot of press attention from the media and travel bloggers, it is still relatively unknown to most. So let me give you a quick rundown of why you should come here.

Peace and quiet. The Azores is one of the most peaceful and quiet places. While there are several bars and restaurants in the main town, Ponta Delgada, this is overall a quiet and laid back place.

Find your place in the world here in the Azores

The great outdoors. This is a place that truly has it all if you love nature, Earth, Water and Fire all meet on this small group of islands. Even better, the Azores doesn’t have white sandy beaches, so won’t attract mass crowds looking for a cheap tan. This is a place for people who love nature and want to leave nothing more behind than footprints.

Friendly people, English and Portuguese are both spoken widely, and the people could not be more friendly and helpful. From bars and restaurants to taxi drivers, the people at the information tourist board and even people just hanging out in their front gardens, a simple “good morning” or “Bom dia” in Portuguese is welcomed and returned with a friendly response.

And you can’t beat friends like this…

Best friends + Family all in one….

The oceans: Speaking of the whales, let’s talk about two of our ocean residents, the whales, and dolphins. You can go dolphin and whale watching from several islands, including Sao Miguel, Pico, and Faial. Here you can see these amazing creatures in their own environment.

Dolphins everywhere.

Sustainable tourism The Portuguese are smart, they kept this place quiet, away from the hoards of tourists. But make no mistake, The Azores is firmly on the map. Sustainable tourism is something that everyone on these islands not only speaks about but also works towards. Everyone works to keep the nature pristine, and the whale tours are all incredibly aware of their impact with a desire not to disturb them.

Finally, go beyond Sao Miguel. The Azores is made up of nine islands and it is well worth discovering more than one. Each island has its own character, and there are so many sights and adventures out there for you to experience. You can read about each one here.

It’s beautiful here. So what are you waiting for?