Content Creators: Work With us

Content Creators: Work With us

Our vision to show people how beautiful the Azores is and at the same time, keep it in the pristine state we found it. We won’t pressure you to feature Solar Branco 1885 in any of your posts or films. Great content comes from a two-way relationship. We have no interest in offering you “exposure” for free content, but our rooms and services do come at a cost to us, so some coverage is appreciated. In a previous life I worked with content creators (I HATE using the word influencers) please feel free to check out some examples of my work so far, including working with influencers and brands such as Cathay Pacific & Facebook, RedBull, WWF, and Infiniti here.

What we ask of you:

    • A brief description of what you want to shoot in the Azores and / or initial thoughts on what you are looking to shoot
    • Your proposed dates to be in the Azores
- Social media handles / previous examples of your work
    • Where or how you would propose to cover Solar Branco 1885 in on your social channels (this is not a commitment)

What we promise to deliver:

    • Complimentary accommodation (food within reason)
    • Support for contacts and people who we think will help you on Sao Miguel and other islands
    • Logistics and IT support (car, wireless connection, laptops etc)
    • Travel support and ideas

If this works for you, please get in touch here and let’s talk about the Azores.

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