Gin Tasting Experience

Gin Tasting Experience

Price Guests: €25
Price Non guests: €35
Meet: The Gin Library
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Hosted by: Ali

We have gins from all over the world, from the UK to Australia, Thailand to France and just about every other country that you can think of, even small places such as Singapore and Estonia. So it’s time to taste some and this is why you are here.

Over the years it is fair to say that we have learned a bit about gin as we have grown our collection to over 400. This is the largest private gin display in the world! It’s also fair to say we’re very passionate about gin in all of its intriguing dimensions; its past, with its rich and sometimes dark history, its present, with the amazing array of botanicals being used to create fantastic small batch and artisan gin and its future – which looks very interesting indeed as production gets more and more artisan, bespoke and complex. But who cares about all that, it’s time to drink some gin.

(1) The first is a gin tasting focusing on Gins From The Azores & Portugal. Here we taste our way through some locally made gins as well as gins from the mainland. You’ll also have a chance to taste them against a British classic as you also learn about the history of gin and its modern renaissance.

(2) The craft gin scene has exploded since Hendrick’s came onto the market in the early 2000s. This gin experience aims to bring you the very best gins from the UK, the home of gin and the newcomers leading the modern day craft gin movement.

(3) Gins from around the world: In this experience, we taste some of the best gins in the collection from around the world. Starting in the UK, we move through Europe and go to places as far flung as Australia, Thailand and the US.

All the above experiences offer 6 taster gins, garnishes and specific tonics to try. At the end of the tasting, you are then welcome to choose 2 of your favourite from the tasting to enjoy or try something completely different from the collection.

If you would like to take part in making your own gin please click here for more details about the Solar Branco 1885 Gin School experience.

* The bottle must be a craft gin, unopened and left in the collection when you leave. Nice try if you were thinking about starting before it gets to the Azores.