Create Your Own Gin

Create Your Own Gin

Cone and take a class at the Solar branco 1885 Gin School.

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Hosted by: Ali

If you like gin, you cannot have missed the craft gin revolution that has exploded in recent memory. Gin is back, and it is better than ever. From the UK to the USA, France to Singapore and India, crafts gins are popping up everywhere.  Gin is no longer the bland stuff that your parents would drink, now it is cool with infusions from seaweed to honey and just about every herb out there. Of course, the main flavour needs to be juniper, and this is where your gin master-class begins.

The class is all about you and making your gin to perfection. You will have a brief history of the gin industry, including how the Azores played a part in this cultural institution to how we got to today’s amazing world of gin. After that we will move on to the important stuff, creating your own gin.

This starts with selecting the botanicals that we are going to use. Juniper is our base flavouring (which builds on the foundation of the neutral spirit, usually Vodka.) You can choose from as few or as many ingredients as you wish. We have a wide selection available to you, ranging from citrus to herbs as well as dried spices. Don’t worry, we are on hand to consult you as you work through your ingredients (including amounts we suggest to use) so that your gin turns out correctly.

The next step is to put all the ingredients into the still and start the gin process. This takes just over an hour and at the end we have gin. Even better, it is your gin.

While the gin is infusing this is a good opportunity to have a G&T while you await yours to come through. You can take some time out to browse the library, read a couple of chapters about gin from the books to hand or take a couple of pictures for Instagram.

And finally the gin is ready! All that is left is to name the product and get it into the bottle. You are welcome to drink it in the library or garden or take it home with you (if there is any left.)




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