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The Weather In The Azores: Our Top 5 Things To Do

The Weather In The Azores: Our Top 5 Things To Do

Just like any holiday, anywhere in the world, it can rain. The Azores has an average 21c (69f) with more sunny days than rain. However, this is a place that can have 4 seasons in one day. But just because it is raining, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. With that in mind, here are our top 5 suggestions of what to do on such a day. Enjoy.

1. Breathe. Walk. Think without distraction
OK, so it may sound simple but in a world where we are constantly moving, constantly checking our mobile phones, talking to people, avoiding people and generally moving as fast as we can, sometimes it is good to just stop and not do anything. On vacation, you can sometimes feel the pressure to see everything, capture ever sight for the Instagram feed and make sure the selfies captured.

2. Read a book
When was the last time you turned your phone to silent (not off, we’re not monsters) and just read a book? If the answer is anywhere between “I can’t remember” or “let me check my Facebook memories for that one…” Then it’s time to take some time out for you.

3. Gin & Tonic tasting
The above ideas are not for everyone so this one might be more up your street. At Solar Branco 1885 we have a gin library for guests and this is a great opportunity to take part in one of our gin tasting courses. There are over 7,000 gins being made around the world, and our own library has over 300 for you to try, including several from the Azores and Portugal.

4. Sausage making class
This is one is fun. We take only organic ingredients and teach you how to make sausages. Everything you need is provided, and we’ll even hang them for you for 24 hours so they are truly delicious. You are then more than welcome to come back and pick them up to eat in the Azores or take home with you.)

5. Paint a tile
We saved the best for last with this one. At Solar Branco 1885 we have tiles that you can paint and then attach to our wall of memories. A perfect way to leave your mark in the Azores, honor a loved one with a special memory or just play around with and draw something fun. The tiles are a fun way to take some time out as it rains, and you have something to come back to one day.



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