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Six Ideas for Rainy Days

Six Ideas for Rainy Days

The Azores is green, it is beautiful, and yes it rains on occasion.

But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing (even when you are on holiday…)

1. Make your own gin (and then undertake some testing of course.)

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When the rain hits, it is time to head up to the gin library and make some gin. We have a small gin infuser (think mad scientist but with alcohol) where you can infuse your gin with a number of ingredients. Key is to work on a couple of versions with several tastings needed. Why even go out?

2. Enjoy the sound of the rain and pick up a book (or Kindle)
The gin library is open to all guests (even if you don’t drink gin.) And on the property, we also have a downstairs lounge as well as your own room, of course, to relax in. Sometimes the opportunity to just put down the phone, not think about social media or work is one too good to pass up. Take some time for you and enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the window as you relax inside.

3. Hang out with the dogs
We have dogs, so grab a couch, and prepare to pamper a pooch. As they slowly fall asleep next to you an opportunity to relax and remember the golden rule, if you have a dog sitting on you then you cannot move.

4. Make new friends
The rain is an opportunity to chat with the other guests as well as us, the hosts at Solar Branco.

5. Go for a run, in the rain
While this might sound a little crazy to some, a run in the rain is actually really refreshing (as long as you don’t mind getting wet of course.)

6. Alternatively, do nothing!
Sleep. Just sleep in. No phones, no noise, nothing. One of the best things about the Azores is how quiet, how peaceful the place is.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy.

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