Dinner Cooked in a Volcano (… Yes really)

Dinner Cooked in a Volcano (… Yes really)

Coming to the Azores is all about connecting with nature. And enjoying some of the unique experiences that this island has to offer. One of the most unique and exciting things to enjoy is the locally called, Cozido das Furnas or meats cooked in a volcano.

Guests: 80 (2 people) or 100 (4+ people)
Non-guests: Not available
Availability: Click to book
Hosted by: Tiago / Ali

This experience starts by taking your pot (full of local, free-range and organic ingredients) to the cooking area. Be warned, the sulfur as you drive in is a little overwhelming! Once you are in you put your pot into the ground and leave it there, for at least 6 hours if not more. Due to the volcanic heat, the pot is kept naturally at a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Tiago, an Azorian local will talk you through the history of this dish, one that has been cooked here for hundreds of years. You will hear about how locals used to stuff a chicken with chorizo and blood sausages, before wrapping it up in a sack. “Problem was, although this method was cheap, it left you with a seriously dry bird, as the juices escaped during cooking. “Now, we put the dish inside a pot.”

You are then welcome to drive back to the house or hike in the area. Around 19:00 you drive back to pick up the pot and return to the house to enjoy the food and of course some local wines, carefully selected by Ali. Usually, we suggest enjoying this food on the veranda as you overlook the hills of Livermento and ocean in the background as the sun sets.

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(This is a traditional meat and vegetable cooked dish. You get what is fresh from the market so it is not easily customised, but we will try to accommodate where we can. A vegetarian option is being looked into but we have not yet perfected the dish.)

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