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Happy Year of the Pig (Sty)

Happy Year of the Pig (Sty)

This week marked the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Pig. With that in mind, I wish you all health, wealth and happiness for the year ahead.

Pigs have been a leading theme at Solar Branco this week as we move forward with our renovation of the estate.

As well as the main house (the “Solar”) and a separate cottage, the Solar Branco estate also has 2 ruins which we plan to rebuild. One is the shell of a cottage pictured below which we imaginatively call “the ruin” and the other is the pig sty in the photo above. Until this week we hadn’t been able to access the pig sty area as it was totally overgrown and had been used as a dumping area for all kinds of discarded items.

The ruin – to be featured in future blog posts!

This week we’ve been clearing the area, and we’ve uncovered all kinds of unexpected treasures!

Now we can access the area and see what’s there!
This will become one of three studio units for holiday accommodation

In front of the pig styes we found there is a small garden / orchard which will make a lovely seating spot for the guests. The fruit trees include custard apple – a winter fruit that is a big favourite here in the Azores – and fig – a big favourite of mine!
There’s even a great view of the hills and down to the ocean below!
We cleared out two lorry loads of rubbish from the area, including rotting sofas and a broken toilet. We kept back just a few things – several buckets full of tiles and an old desk. I’ll be attempting to upcycle them so watch this space for updates!

Stay tuned for updates on pig sty progress ….

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  1. The stonework of the pigsty is lovely, and how exciting to uncover so much that has hitherto been hidden by undergrowth. Do you ever watch Money For Nothing on BBC TV. It is amazing what can be achieved from the most unlikely bit of throw-away!

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